adventures with eden

We are so lucky to have spent the last month and a half with my sister Chelsea and my niece Eden. It's so rare because they live in Baltimore so the fact that Eden and Ty could spend so much time together was such a treat! Ty loved to watch Eden in whatever she was doing and she was very sweet with him. There are a ton of pics of their fun times below! Love you Eden and Chels! Come back!

playing in the snow with aunt dani

"i've got to take my baby shopping" -eden

"wow, this is eden's house!" -eden
eden showing baby ty how to play with toys

eden talking with ty
we promised her a cupcake if she smiled good for the pictures! this pic is now framed at my parents house:)

i don't know what they're looking at...

"baby ty give me a kiss!" -eden

nakey time! fresh out of the bath
cutie pies! look how pale ty is! lol :)

bathing buddies


eden reading to ty

"this color is green, baby ty" -eden

"hahaha!" -ty

i don't know whats happening in this picture but they both look cute!


Heidisan said...
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Heidisan said...

I have the two cutest grandkids EVER!

Marcus Lane said...

These are amazing!! I wish we could have been there for some of the time too!

kaitlinshields said...

Oh man! My kids are screwed! There is no way they will be cuter than these two! I love this pictures! Its so fun that they got to play for so long! I wish I could have spent more time there!