funny nursing stories

Ty is pretty particular when he is nursing. No one can be talking or else he will unlatch and try to look at who is there. Sometimes I whisper and he doesn't notice but he doesn't drink that long ( approx 5 mins per side) so I figure I can be quiet and not talk. He runs the show around here! LOL!

Anyways, one time Kevin was leaving for school and I was feeding Ty so he quietly creeped into his room and leaned in to give me a kiss goodbye. We were almost kissing when Ty quickly unlatched and gave Kevin the. dirtiest. look. ever! Kevin fell onto the ground laughing. We kept joking that Ty was like, "what do you think you're doing trying to kiss my mama when she's feeding me?!"

Another time we were at the BYU football game and I went into the bathroom to feed Ty. I get situated and Ty starts to drink but then a mom walks in with a baby that was probably less than 3 weeks old. As soon as the baby starts crying, Ty immediately unlatches and starts grinning and giggling! He did this for the next 5 minutes while he could still hear the baby. Apparently he thinks babies crying is hilarious because a few times since then he has heard another baby cry, and he thinks it's like the funniest thing ever.

During this last general conference, me and my family went up to the conference center to watch the Saturday afternoon session. I went to the session and Kevin stayed with Ty on Temple Square. When it was over I met up with them and Kevin told me that Ty hadn't napped at all (which meant he was up for 3+ hrs...not good!) and I could tell Ty was super hungry. So here I am in all the chaos of people walking around the conference center, the protesters, etc and I have a tired, crying baby. I attempt to go into the bathroom to feed Ty but the people that work at the conference center wouldn't let me in. Literally, I'm standing there with a wailing baby and the bathroom is like 10 feet away (and I can see women going in and out of it) and they are refusing to let me in to feed him. Very frustrating. I even promised them that I would not sneak in to the Priesthood session with my 4 month old baby if that's what they're afraid of. They were not impressed and told me to go somewhere else. I was seriously about to just sit down on the ground and whip out my boob right then and there, not because I wanted to make a scene, but because I needed to feed my baby! So me and my sister Ali ask a few missionaries and they tell us to go to the visitor center. As we are walking there Ty falls asleep in my arms because he is so exhausted :( We finally find a bathroom and there are no accommodations for a nursing mother.

SIDENOTE: For a religion/culture that emphasizes so heavily on motherhood and raising families you would think that at Temple Square they would have at least one (!) area that a woman could nurse her baby comfortably! (maybe there is one that I don't know about, I did ask several missionaries) I had the same issue at the BYU game although they did have a wall with chairs so I'll take that over nothing.

Anyways, so Ali picks up a chair out of the visitor center lobby and carries it into the bathroom. It's a small bathroom and with the chair in there it was very snug. Who even cares though because I was finally able to feed Ty :)... Back when we were at the conference center we were all deciding our plan. The boys were going to go to the Priesthood session and the girls were going to shop. A girl from our home ward is serving a mission on Temple Square so my dad kept saying, "I want to go find megan (the missionary) on temple square." At this point in the planning is when I left and the feeding Ty frenzy began... So now i'm in the small bathroom and every time the door opens the lobby sees me feeding my baby. whatever. Ali is next to me talking and in walks a set of sister missionaries. And it's Megan. She and Ali start freaking out, hugging and talking. We tell her that my dad is walking around temple square to find her, etc. We were all having a great conversation about her mission, conference and I kept telling her and her companion how cute they looked. She talked to me about how the dress standards for women have changed and they can wear a lot more stuff now and it can be cute stuff too:) At some point they started talking about modesty and this is when Ty decides to go back to his regular antics of being a little spitfire baby and he unlatches & pulls the cover off simultaneously, exposing my full boob to the missionaries....LITERALLY AS THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT MODESTY! haha! Both megan and her companion denied seeing anything but i know they did and I don't even care because it's so funny!

So this morning I'm attempting to feed him and  he keeps unlatching and grinning (see pic below). I was able to quickly snap this picture. I couldn't figure out what was going on until i started telling him, "Ty, it's time to drink" and he starts giggling. Then i realized. I was wearing my (new) retainers. I just got them so Ty isn't used to seeing me look so dorky. So I decided to test out my theory and give him a big ol' metal grin and that about does him in! He's laughing and smiling and now i've lost all control. I had to take out the retainers to get him to finish drinking. Even my baby thinks i'm dorky! haha!

Isn't he just the cutest little thing?!?


Ashley said...

I'm so glad you are still nursing even though it can be a little dramatic at times! Its away more fun than bottles. He will thank you for it one day. By the way... stop being so funny!! It makes me miss you too much. You are one in a million.

Becky said...

These stories are too funny. The retainers part was cracking me up! Ty definitely is adorable.