going private.

is anyone still out there?

after almost a year of neglecting my blog, i decided it's time to finally start up again. too many cute pics of ty that i have to share! i'm also going to make our blog private. if you would like an invitation, please leave your email here or email me: danishields at gmail.com

thank you!


ty's 1st birthday

Ty turned one on June 7th!! :'(  We were lucky to be in California at the time for Kevin's best friend's wedding. The wedding was also on June 7th so we celebrated Ty's birthday the day before. We just had both our families over for a small party. I made Ty a little cake and although he was hesitant at first, he ended up covered in cake! It's crazy how fast the first year flew by! It makes me sad every day that he's growing up so fast but I love every milestone he reaches. It just gets better and better. It's very bittersweet. I can see why people have lots of babies ;)

 June 7, 2012 | June 7, 2013

The morning of Ty's actual birthday we gave him some birthday doughnuts and sang to him again:)

Kevin was the best man in his best friend's Chris' wedding. Chris married their high school friend Katie on June 7, 2013 at Wine & Roses in Lodi. It was gorgeous!! It was a short ceremony which was good because it was 107 degrees at the time. The reception was so fun and beautiful and I'm so glad we were able to be there. Kevin did a good job on his best man toast. It was short and sweet, funny and sad, loving and heartfelt... It was a perfect toast. My parents had Ty so Kevin and I took advantage and stayed and danced the night away. So fun!

handsome best man!
best man duties!

the beautiful bride!

wedding time!

When we got back to Utah we celebrated my 26th birthday with family. It was low-key and great.

This is a picture of Ty at his 1 year check up. He was 18 lbs.. too cute!



my fave commercial

can we please just talk about this commercial for a second. it's my fave. i fell in love with it as soon as i saw the little ginger baby (the first scene lol)...just like my little ginger baby!


oscars 2013

Naomi Watts was wearing my favorite dress at the oscars. So pretty! Also, she did an amazing job in her movie The Impossible! It's so heart-wrenching and good!



ty's first christmas

Ty's first Christmas was awesome! It is so fun to have a baby to spoil and it makes the holidays so magical. I don't think he really had a clue what was going on and he was happy to just play with a box or tissue paper. Oh well! Next year will be really fun but i'm not anxious for time to pass and quicker than it already is...i need to keep my baby just the way he is. No growing up :)
christmas eve in his new jammies

happy on christmas morning :)
stocking stuffers

modeling with his stocking


with his santa pile

happy boy with all his presents


trying to read his new book


ty in the snow

i've taken ty outside a few times in the snow and usually he would just stare and look bored but this week things changed. he was giggling and laughing the whole time. he loved it! the first picture and video are from december 2012 and the second pic/video is from this week. man, kids change soooo fast! it's crazy!

December 2012

unimpressed :(


 January 2013 

happy boy!


adventures with eden

We are so lucky to have spent the last month and a half with my sister Chelsea and my niece Eden. It's so rare because they live in Baltimore so the fact that Eden and Ty could spend so much time together was such a treat! Ty loved to watch Eden in whatever she was doing and she was very sweet with him. There are a ton of pics of their fun times below! Love you Eden and Chels! Come back!

playing in the snow with aunt dani

"i've got to take my baby shopping" -eden

"wow, this is eden's house!" -eden
eden showing baby ty how to play with toys

eden talking with ty
we promised her a cupcake if she smiled good for the pictures! this pic is now framed at my parents house:)

i don't know what they're looking at...

"baby ty give me a kiss!" -eden

nakey time! fresh out of the bath
cutie pies! look how pale ty is! lol :)

bathing buddies


eden reading to ty

"this color is green, baby ty" -eden

"hahaha!" -ty

i don't know whats happening in this picture but they both look cute!

ty meets santa

happy boy about to go meet santa!

ty was very calm when he met santa. no reaction really. i'm sure next year will be different.
yes, we paid $20 for this pic... first time parents here :)



rice cereal

First time parents = everything gets recorded! :)

 Also, don't my commentary in this video, I sound like a babbling idiot.


funny nursing stories

Ty is pretty particular when he is nursing. No one can be talking or else he will unlatch and try to look at who is there. Sometimes I whisper and he doesn't notice but he doesn't drink that long ( approx 5 mins per side) so I figure I can be quiet and not talk. He runs the show around here! LOL!

Anyways, one time Kevin was leaving for school and I was feeding Ty so he quietly creeped into his room and leaned in to give me a kiss goodbye. We were almost kissing when Ty quickly unlatched and gave Kevin the. dirtiest. look. ever! Kevin fell onto the ground laughing. We kept joking that Ty was like, "what do you think you're doing trying to kiss my mama when she's feeding me?!"

Another time we were at the BYU football game and I went into the bathroom to feed Ty. I get situated and Ty starts to drink but then a mom walks in with a baby that was probably less than 3 weeks old. As soon as the baby starts crying, Ty immediately unlatches and starts grinning and giggling! He did this for the next 5 minutes while he could still hear the baby. Apparently he thinks babies crying is hilarious because a few times since then he has heard another baby cry, and he thinks it's like the funniest thing ever.

During this last general conference, me and my family went up to the conference center to watch the Saturday afternoon session. I went to the session and Kevin stayed with Ty on Temple Square. When it was over I met up with them and Kevin told me that Ty hadn't napped at all (which meant he was up for 3+ hrs...not good!) and I could tell Ty was super hungry. So here I am in all the chaos of people walking around the conference center, the protesters, etc and I have a tired, crying baby. I attempt to go into the bathroom to feed Ty but the people that work at the conference center wouldn't let me in. Literally, I'm standing there with a wailing baby and the bathroom is like 10 feet away (and I can see women going in and out of it) and they are refusing to let me in to feed him. Very frustrating. I even promised them that I would not sneak in to the Priesthood session with my 4 month old baby if that's what they're afraid of. They were not impressed and told me to go somewhere else. I was seriously about to just sit down on the ground and whip out my boob right then and there, not because I wanted to make a scene, but because I needed to feed my baby! So me and my sister Ali ask a few missionaries and they tell us to go to the visitor center. As we are walking there Ty falls asleep in my arms because he is so exhausted :( We finally find a bathroom and there are no accommodations for a nursing mother.

SIDENOTE: For a religion/culture that emphasizes so heavily on motherhood and raising families you would think that at Temple Square they would have at least one (!) area that a woman could nurse her baby comfortably! (maybe there is one that I don't know about, I did ask several missionaries) I had the same issue at the BYU game although they did have a wall with chairs so I'll take that over nothing.

Anyways, so Ali picks up a chair out of the visitor center lobby and carries it into the bathroom. It's a small bathroom and with the chair in there it was very snug. Who even cares though because I was finally able to feed Ty :)... Back when we were at the conference center we were all deciding our plan. The boys were going to go to the Priesthood session and the girls were going to shop. A girl from our home ward is serving a mission on Temple Square so my dad kept saying, "I want to go find megan (the missionary) on temple square." At this point in the planning is when I left and the feeding Ty frenzy began... So now i'm in the small bathroom and every time the door opens the lobby sees me feeding my baby. whatever. Ali is next to me talking and in walks a set of sister missionaries. And it's Megan. She and Ali start freaking out, hugging and talking. We tell her that my dad is walking around temple square to find her, etc. We were all having a great conversation about her mission, conference and I kept telling her and her companion how cute they looked. She talked to me about how the dress standards for women have changed and they can wear a lot more stuff now and it can be cute stuff too:) At some point they started talking about modesty and this is when Ty decides to go back to his regular antics of being a little spitfire baby and he unlatches & pulls the cover off simultaneously, exposing my full boob to the missionaries....LITERALLY AS THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT MODESTY! haha! Both megan and her companion denied seeing anything but i know they did and I don't even care because it's so funny!

So this morning I'm attempting to feed him and  he keeps unlatching and grinning (see pic below). I was able to quickly snap this picture. I couldn't figure out what was going on until i started telling him, "Ty, it's time to drink" and he starts giggling. Then i realized. I was wearing my (new) retainers. I just got them so Ty isn't used to seeing me look so dorky. So I decided to test out my theory and give him a big ol' metal grin and that about does him in! He's laughing and smiling and now i've lost all control. I had to take out the retainers to get him to finish drinking. Even my baby thinks i'm dorky! haha!

Isn't he just the cutest little thing?!?


my favorite baby items

Here is a list of items that I use literally every day and they are lifesavers!
I did a ton of research on strollers/carseats and this was by far the best one for me. My must have check list included: safe, 3-wheeled, light, carseat clip in, easy to use and affordable. After researching online Kevin and I went to the store and test drove this bad boy and that is when I knew this was the best stroller ever! It is so easy to use we put Ty in the stroller on every outing, not just walks. Kevin actually told me that when we're are leaving a store, he likes to collapse the stoller in the parking lot in hopes that someone will see him and be impressed with how slick and fast and compact it is. Lol!

My friend Jane recommended this app and said, it's 5 bucks but it will be the best 5 bucks you've ever spent. And to that I say, Amen! I use this app all day (and night) to log Ty's feedings, diapers, sleep, etc. I also log when I pump milk, when he takes medicine...basically everything because it's so easy and I usually have my phone close by. It organizes and charts everything. As you can see in the chart below, Ty has been sleeping a little better this last week:)

God bless the inventor of the pacifier. The nurses at the hospital scared me into thinking that if I gave Ty a paci before he was a month old, that he would have a hard time learning to nurse because of nipple confusion, etc. I finally caved in when he was 2 weeks old and it was the best day ever! He had an instant super-latch with the paci and he ironically became a better nurser because sucking the paci taught him how to correctly suck (he always tried to drink while his tongue was pushed up against the roof of his mouth). I love this thing, definitely a must have!

It's so nice being able to check on Ty without actually going into his room. It's especially nice for a paranoid mama to see the rise and fall of his chest while he sleeps. I do think Ty is becoming more aware of the monitor though (there is a faint green night vision light) because sometimes we click on the monitor and this is what we see:
 Kevin always jokes that Ty can see us too and he's telling us, "I'm awake now, come get me!" haha!

There aren't a ton of options when it comes to buying burp cloths. My mom made me these as a surprise and I loved them so much, I asked for more for my birthday. They are so cute (each one has a different fabric on the back) and so convenient!

These are the best thing ever, especially if you have a summer baby, like me! They are lightweight and you can stretch them to make sure the swaddle is snug. Ty started breaking out of his swaddle at about 3 months so I've been using the swaddleme velcro things but I've loved having these as his carseat blanket:) Hands down this would be the item that I will always buy for any baby shower! Aden and Anias is the kind I use and the nicest ones I've seen:)